Personnel search and selection

Personnel search and selection

Search and selection of personnel —  is a complex of actions aimed on search, selection and attraction of personnel, capable of effectively fulfilling tasks, having required professional skills, personal qualities, eager to work and fully corresponding to the requirements of the open position. A correct selection of personnel shall increase the level of work performance, income growth, reduce staff turnover and create a healthy work environment and guarantee employee`s loyalty.

In the field of search and selection, NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL uses modern complex approaches in order to receive full information about the candidate, at the same time concentrating on the field of activity and requirements established by the Client.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL main methods of search and selection of personnel:

  1. Recruiting – process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable and available candidates for open junior or middle level positions within an organization. Recruiting is usually performed by using internet-based job sites, research of applications and performing candidate search in internal databases.
  2. Executive Search –  active search of highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs including specialist of rare professions.
  3. Headhunting –  targeted direct search of top managers, “enticement” of top-level professionals from one company to another for a similar position by offering more favorable working conditions.
  4. Participation in job fairs and exhibitions, organization of presentations for Company`s promotion in order to attract potential job seekers.
  5. Own sizable database which is updated non-stop.
  6. Publishing open positions using the internet and mass media.
  7. Using methods of direct search (data research analysis from forums, social media, job-portals, performing calls, search of relevant contacts, maintaining friendly relationships);
  8. Personnel testing in a similar working environment.
  9. Checking references, checking close contacts of the candidate.
  10. Interviewing candidates in our office.

Successful external recruiting provided by NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL is guaranteed by professionalism of our experienced HR managers, as well as by professionally established job profile, availability of many search channels and clear understanding of the Customer`s request and goals. NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL has a substantial database with many professional candidates, performs interviews, guarantees full confidentiality for all parties. We are able to supply a full list of potential candidates in 5-8 days and close positions in a 1-2-month period additionally supporting a cost free replacement in case the candidate quits or doesn’t fit the Employer.

Our recruiting procedure takes into account:

  • Employer`s goals and needs;
  • Specifics of the position;
  • Employer`s budget;
  • Professional competencies of the candidate;
  • Candidates expectations;
  • Reliability of provided information, including reference checking;
  • Candidate`s motivation;
  • Social maturity of the applicant;
  • Ability of the candidate to support the Employer`s values;
  • Test results;
  • Personal psychological, moral and ethical characteristics.

Our Company cooperates with other different companies and organizations, as well as employment centers, educational institutions, employment agencies and has built strong business relations with customers, job seekers and other parties involved in the recruiting process.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL will always assist in finding qualified personnel or a new job!