A “recruit” and a “highly-qualified professional”. What do these terms have in common? The answer is quite simple: both terms are related to Recruiting. The term “recruit” in its modern interpretation originated from French “recruiter”. Where the term “professional” – impersonates the professional activity on search and employment of high qualified professionals on a service fee basis – called “recruiting”.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL`s policy is oriented on the recruiting policy which allows the Client to reach a new higher level in business.  Our work is not limited by methods of active monitoring of the employment market, internet research of potential CV`s and applications, conducting interviews with the candidates for open positions of our clients, but providing a list of selected candidates, perfectly fitting the Customers’ requirements and needs. The selection of personnel is targeted specifically on experts competent in the Customer`s field.

The most sophisticated selection is performed for the search of highly qualified staff for leading positions using a targeted method called «Executive search». In this case, recruiting is performed not only by searching within professionals, who have respectable jobs and are not in active search. It is a thin line to present to the candidate new and interesting possibilities. It’s a professional skill to present the motivation of offering the employer the candidate`s own knowledge, skills, experience and personal competencies.  In this segment, the potential candidates are experienced specialists of rare specialties, successful leaders and top managers.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL`s professional recruiting services include:

  • Guidance in profiling of the position details and requirements to the perfect candidate
  • Consulting on the subject of labor market tendencies and salary rates in the client’s business segment
  • Services in the field of using databases, internet and advertising resources, contact databases in the Client’s field of business
  • Candidates applied CV`s, application and document analysis
  • Evaluation of candidate’s correspondence to the applied position after phone pre-interview and a face to face interview
  • Organizing psychological testing, reference checking, preparation of written conclusions on each candidate
  • Presentation of the best short listed candidates to the Client, assistance in interview organization
  • Consulting on matters of passing the trial period (if required)

The motivation for cooperation with our company and advantages in our partnership is saving time and current Clients labor potential.  First of all, we have an extended active job seeker and potential candidate database and we are professionals in the matters of the labor market. Secondly, we guarantee confidentiality in the search process to all parties. Thirdly, despite Recruiting should put the Employers interest first, our professional consultants build a confidential relationship with all parties involved in the recruiting process.  Such approach guarantees an active all sided eagerness to cooperate and motivates a high level of performance and understanding.  Our Company`s approach positively effects the establishment of a long-term effective and mutually beneficial partnership between our company and the Client. The job seeker receives the possibility to fully apply one`s potential and also be a valued part of the society, who’s hard work is valued and one`s  contribution is be highly rewarded.