Work permit in Ukraine

Work permit

A work permit is a document that allows foreign citizens to be legally employed in Ukraine. If you intend to invite employees from foreign countries to work in your company, you must obtain work permits for them. NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL provides work permit issuance services for corporate clients and will insure successful receival of work permits for your future employees.

Obtaining work permits is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort and resources. NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL provides full work permit support service to optimize and simplify this process.

Since October 2017, according to new laws in Ukraine the order for processing permits for employing foreigners has changed.
Most significant changes are:

  • Foreigners can be hired as Private business entity employees.
  • A foreigner can be legally employed in several enterprises at once.
  • Requirements regarding the wages of employed non-residents.
  • Reduction in the list of documents required to obtain a work permit.
  • Faster application review regarding the issuance and extension of the work permit.
  • Refugees applying for work require a work permit.

Categories of employed foreigners:

Special category:

  • Foreigners whose salary sum is not less than 50 times the minimum wage
  • Founders and/ or participants and/ or beneficiaries of a legal entity established in Ukraine
  • Graduates of universities ranked in the world’s top 100 universities
  • Foreign artistic professionals
  • Foreign IT professionals

Second category:

  • Foreign workers on business trips
  • Foreign-paid professionals
  • Foreigners, whom the refugee status was declined

Other employees, not included in the two mentioned categories.

Work permit validity terms:

  • The special category and foreign workers on business trips – 3 years.
  • Foreign-paid professionals – the entire period of work in Ukraine.
  • In other cases – 1 year.

Payment for issuing a work permit.

for the issuance or extension of a work permit up to 3 years, the cost is the equivalent of six times the subsistence minimum payment for able-bodied persons;
for the issuance or extension of a work permit from 6 months to 1 year, the cost is the equivalent of four subsistence minimum payments for able-bodied persons;
for the issuance or extension of a work permit up to 6 months, the cost is the equivalent of two subsistence minimum payments for able-bodied persons

Steps to obtaining a work permit in Ukraine:

Submit documents to the Employer’s assigned Employment Center.
Documents will be reviewed within 7 working days, after the official decision will be provided.

After the approval is received, the employer pays for the required amount within 10 days and may receive the work permit for his subordinate.

Our company provides a complex service obtaining work permits.

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