There is a term “outsourcing” – signing an agreement with a outsourcing agencie and receiving a large amount of personnel with any long and complicated employment process. There is also an opposite process called “outstaffing”. It’s a perfect method of company`s optimization, make its work more efficient and productive. Let’s see how it works…

Outstaffing process

The word itself uncovers the meaning. Outstaffing – excluding of personnel without termination or minimizing staff quantity. It is important that an experienced company takes over this process. If the goal is to optimize the company`s work process and leave only the leading personnel and exclusively the staff involved in company’s business field, the best solution shall be transferring the secondary personnel to an outstaffing company.  The most important thing is that you do not lose your staff, they will continue with their work and you will be able reassign them as required. It means that nothing changes in the internal business process only the employee is employed in an outstaffing agency.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL offers a very convenient type of service. We can assure you that the work process will become more efficient and you will continue to manager personnel which is employed in our company keeping the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise.

Advantages of Outstaffing

Let’s see more detailed about the advantages of outstaffing service

Firstly, our HR department shall not be overloaded, no expansion shall be needed and its shall keep its most effectiveness. It is not reasonable to lose time on unnecessary workflow overload. You have the possibility to keep the administrative personnel and transfer all the rest to an outstaffing agency.
Second advantage –  less bureaucracy. Now there will be no need to work with governmental commissions and inspections. Whereas the personnel shall be employed in our company therefore all the responsibility is ours.

Third advantage is less work for your company. If your company uses the simplifies taxation system, your staff should be not more than 10 people. In need of the 11th employee the company loses the privilege to use this taxation and reporting system and the transfer to a new system will take time and money. If you use our outstaffing service you will be able to operate according to the simplified taxation system using any amount of personnel needed.

Forth advantage – new investments. Many companies or entrepreneur’s are investors, who  are evaluating the costs and compare the personnel efficiency to its expense. The less employees you have in our company and the more is transferred by outstaffing – the more attractive and preferable your company becomes. Everyone wins from these investments.