Express recruiting

Express recruiting

Express recruiting is an effective and very reasonable service in the employment market. It is an urgent and high quality search and selection process of common professions.

Peculiarities of express recruiting:

  • Quick search and selection of candidates in a few days;
  • Minimal cost for service;
  • Recruiting of entry and mid-level personnel;
  • Flexible involvement of personnel;
  • Closed potions in time;
  • Guaranteed replacement (optional);
  • Operative correction of search parameters;
  • Appointing additional hr managers on the task.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of possibilities to hire personnel in short period of time including mass recruitment which is applied for similar positions.

Express recruiting allows to select qualified personnel in 1-3 days. Our specialists use all available channels of collection and confirmation of information about the candidates, as well as preparation of documents and additional open positions. This gives the possibility to perform as many interviews and select best candidates in a short period of time.

Express recruiting is a valuable service for:

  • The employer: if you have an urgent open position, which must be closed as soon as possible at minimum cost;
  • The job seeker: if you plan to be employed to a respectable company in a short period.

Popular positions in the field of express recruiting performed by NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL:

  • accountant;
  • courier;
  • driver;
  • office administrator;
  • secretary;
  • personal assistant;
  • office-manager;
  • trade representative;
  • system administrator;
  • warehouse specialist.

During the express recruiting process, NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL shall apply the highest requirements to candidates, use innovative methods of search and controls the recruitment process from request receival to the interview scheduling of the candidate with the employer.   Our express recruiting service includes:

  • Open position posting;
  • Search and selection of candidate CV`s;
  • Pre-interview by phone;
  • Face to face interview;
  • Checking information, documents, references;
  • In-time testing of the candidate;
  • Candidate selection;
  • Sending selected CV`s with comments to the Client;
  • Organization of the interviews with the Client.

Employers steps for express recruiting service:

  1. Check for urgent open positions on our website.
  2. If your Company has a similar open position, please contact our HR-consultants.
  3. We shall send “blind” CV`s of corresponding candidates for your consideration.
  4. After approval, an interview shall be organized and if it’s successful a contract shall be drawn up.

During personnel selection, we are focused on personal, moral and ethical as well as professional qualities of the candidate, his compliance with the employer’s requirements, desire to work with dedication and as well checking the reliability of provided information.  At the same time, our agency always supports the applicant at any stage of one`s career, taking into account his expectations, help with finding a job and the adaptation process.

Advantages of NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL express recruiting service:

  • Accuracy of staff selection;
  • Saving customer`s time;
  • Lower service cost comparing to usual recruiting service;
  • High level of HR-service;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Extended and constantly updated databases;
  • Personal testing;
  • Providing recommendations;
  • Equal opportunities for candidates who meet the customer requirements;
  • Guaranteed free replacement during the probation period.

The complex search, evaluation and motivation system of the express recruiting service is based on individual approach to each customer and candidate by building a long term partnership.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL is always open to cooperation to provide effective HR solutions!