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NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL searches, selects, tests and presents the personnel required by the Customer (Recruitment process) absolutely FREE of CHARGE in case of outsourcing personnel. We start to charge the service when the personnel is assigned to a position on the monthly basis in the agreed terms indicated in the Service Agreement and Resource Order.
The Customer does not have any liabilities to the personnel and can get rid of “unnecessary people” taken for the short-term project within a day by a note to NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL;
The Customer does not undertake any legal obligations to Ukrainian governmental offices if the Project is located in Ukraine.
The Customer does not have to supply the assigned personnel with tools and equipments needed
It relieves the Customer HR and Accounting Departments work.
The Customer does not provide the personnel with social packages (meal allowance, insurance, bonuses…)
The Customer does not pay overtime service for the assigned personnel.
NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL guarantees that the personnel is available and stable for the assigned period of time.
The Customers does not deal with work permits and legalization/registration documents for foreigners working in Ukraine and abroad.
NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL takes all risks regarding personnel competence and service fulfillment and engages to replace the personnel within a day by a Customer note and without any compensation of costs
Mentioning all services provided by NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL the Customer will be thrilled with our Cost of Outsourcing Service.
In case only recruiting services needed NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL fee is set in accordance with current labor market and is better than other recruiting agencies might offer.