Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing

Temporary Personnel service is one of simplest and effective types of services. This may come in hand for big corporations as well as for small businesses. Sometimes a company has an urgent need to maintain a huge workload in a short period of time. The search for qualified personnel and their employment process shall take long time, where the temporary personnel service provider shall become a solution in very short period of time.  Temporary personnel service is the perfect solution for any kind of need in one time workload maintenance.  The most important part is that the employment process is fully our responsibility.

Temporary personnel provided by NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL has following advantages:

  1. You shall receive highly qualified resources for implementing needed tasks without conducting the search;
  2. Professionally assigned temporary personnel shall minimize HR workflow in your Company;
  3. If you consider employing one of the supplied candidates for full-time, further internal employment is possible;
  4. The temporary personnel service shall guarantee no work absence issues (vacation, sick leave). Of course, there is a possibility that the temporary worker shall get sick, but in such cases, we provide a replacement as soon as possible and without any additional payment.
  5. The temporary personnel service allows to save costs – absence of expenses for social guarantees (paid vacation, sick leave etc.).

It is understandable that many employers willing to assign temporary personnel are concerned about the qualification of the supplied personnel. NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL guarantees supplying exclusively qualified personnel and as a matter of fact experience shows that our personnel is more qualified than internal employees.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide range of HR solutions. Our specialists have solid experience in these services and shall assist most competently and quickly by recruiting highly qualified personnel taking into account to your requirements.  You shall forget about staff related problems because working with us shall be your simply assessable advantage. We are open to any questions.