Consulting services

Consulting services

Professional HR consulting –  is a complex of legal, economical and psychological means and other innovative solutions designed to optimize the internal HR policy and improve work performance.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL offers following consulting services:

Assistance in profiling and determination of needed criteria for selection of needed personnel.

The selection criteria are based on the compliance of professional, moral, psychological, managerial, integral and other personal qualities with the positions requirements. They may be used not only for hiring, but also in future promotion to managing positions, certification, justification of award receiving, internal transfers, etc. Our specialists shall assist you in determination of applicable indicators for selection of perfect employees based on the scope of the organization and the specifics of the position.

Research of the labor market and drawing up compensational opportunities for qualified professionals.

Research of the labor market maintained by NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL includes:

  • Analysis of market demands for each position;
  • Availability of required candidates;
  • Average payroll and benefit compensations packages;
  • Compliance of the Clients HR-requirements in comparison to the average market rates;
  • Evaluation of marker change dynamics;
  • Market specifics of a particular region, etc.

Results of the HR-market monitoring shall allow to determine the payroll and compensation packages, successful recruiting of valuable specialists, conclusions on the reasonability of the position, correction of demands to personnel.

Requirements determination.

Determination of optimal requirements to the candidates shall allow to clarify mandatory skills, necessary to achieve the highest results.  Our experts shall prepare a request form and a list of requirements to the candidate, create a competency profile taking to account the formal requirements, job description and specifics of working conditions.

Full recovery and maintenance of HR workflow:

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL offers to build full HR and accounting workflow from scratch, offers outsourcing of existing HR workflow of your company. This service includes:

  • Preparation and execution of labor contracts, entering amendments;
  • Filling out labor books, recordkeeping;
  • Maintenance and systematization of personal files;
  • Preparation of questionnaires;
  • Registration of applications for leave, admission or dismissal;
    Preparation and execution of orders, etc.

Work permits for non-residents

Our company shall assist in obtaining legal employment for non-residents in a Ukrainian company and prepare all required permits. Our specialists shall justify the need in use of non-resident labor, fulfill the requirements of the employment centers on hiring foreign citizens, prepare and deliver a necessary package of reports, statements and references, consult you on other aspects of working with non-residents.

Psychological testing of candidates and employees.

NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL Psychological testing allows to evaluate the emotional and intellectual potential of the candidates and employees as well as to forecast their behavior in different situations, evaluate their satisfaction with their job, need in promotion and level of understanding of the Companies values.  Testing is a valuable source of decision making – hiring, certification, promotion, solving labor conflicts, etc.

Accounting and tax accounting consulting of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.

Our experts shall provide consulting and recommendations in the field of accounting, internal audit and taxation, including on following issues:

  • Peculiarities of legal acts and normative documents;
  • Development of an accounting policy;
  • Correct compiling of primary documents;
  • Preparation of reports, registers, methodologies;
  • Development of job descriptions;
  • Choice of taxation system;
  • Strategies for minimizing costs and much more.

Organization of trainings, corporate events, teambuilding

Business games, exchange of experience, discussions, rest in a friendly informal atmosphere allow to improve communication between employees, improve skills and efficiency of the whole team. We consult on the matters of organizing interesting trainings, corporate events, seminars, teambuilding’s and assist in developments of scripts and logistics.

We are always opened for cooperation.

Professionalism and high class HR-consulting from NETSOURCE INTERNATIONAL shall become your success!